the last ask group
a semi-canon ask roleplay
The Last Ask Group is a semi-canon ask roleplay with no endgames set in current time. All episodes are considered canon up until Goodbye. Please make sure you read the recap page to understand what has happened in the group so far.

Established on May 28th, 2012


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Asktinkerberry is hands down one of the best Rachel’s in the glee roleplaying world. I don’t know how Lu manages to capture every single side of Rachel, but she does it impeccably. It’s a pleasure just getting to speak to her and see her on my dash because it’s obvious how much work she puts into her character.


  • Santana Lopez & Marley Rose
  • Kurt Hummel & Mercedes Jones
  • Sebastian Smythe & Sugar Motta
  • Finn Hudson & Sam Evans
  • Jake Puckerman & Rachel Berry
  • Joe Hart* & Blaine Anderson*
  • Jesse St. James & Elliott Gilbert
  • Ryder Lynn* & Tina Cohen Chang*


  • Mike Chang
  • Quinn Fabay
  • Noah Puckerman
  • Dani Saurez
  • Kitty Wilde

Please remember to send your partner at least five anonymous questions a day. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know. The link to the weekly partners can always be located here on the main page.

*on hiatus/semi-hiatus/inconsistent at current time

sebastian smythe

blaine anderson


Hey, guys, it's Jodie. I have quite a busy day today so if I don't get my account in, then I'm sorry. I'll have it soon though - thank you for accepting me!

Thank you for letting us know and that’s completely fine!

Our Sebastian also messaged us to let us know that they’re in the same predicament so for anyone that might be interested i knowing why he isn’t reopened at 24 hours.


We wanted to say thank you to every single person that took time out of their day to apply for ether of the two characters we just accepted. It was a very long process that took a lot of talking to decide who to choose because every single application was amazing. We cannot thank you enough for even applying because we certainly didn’t exactly the amount of applications that we received. 

I also want to use this time to wish everyone a happy holidays for whatever holiday they might be celebrating this week. If it’s nothing you believe it, I hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend regardless. Because of this, activity might be a little slow on the main but someone should be around to check at least once or twice a day for things. If we don’t respond to you quickly, just try to have a little patience.

To all of our players, if you need time off - just post it in the ooc blog or shoot us a message. We’ll definitely be around enough to see anything that you might need, we just don’t want to focus on having to do a lot of admin work this weekend. 

Thank you all,

Jess & Cara

Thank you for your Sebastian Smythe application, Sami. Welcome to The Last Ask Group! Please make sure you send in your account within twenty-four hours and that both your ask and submit are open and accessible. Thank you again!

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Thank you for your Blaine Anderson application, Jodie. Welcome to The Last Ask Group! Please make sure you send in your account within twenty-four hours and that both your ask and submit are open and accessible. Thank you again!

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when will you guys update the calender?

We’ve both been busy and have forgotten about the monthly calendars, but for right now there aren’t any important dates beyond birthdays and school calendars. Those can both be found at their respective links that are completely up to date. With prom and Nationals coming up, we will more than likely have a calendar for May up.


The roles of Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe are now officially closed for auditions. Once my co-admin and I have gone through all the applications the accepted choices will be posted. This might take some time due to busy schedules so we ask that you please be patience with us and I promise that they will be posted as soon a possible. Once she is online and able to go through them, we will.