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sebastian smythe

Thank you for your Sebastian Smythe application, Hannah. Welcome to The Last Ask Group! Please make sure you send in your account within twenty-four hours and that both your ask and submit are open and accessible. Thank you again.

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we will be reviewing applications at 7 pm EST

The following characters will be under review:
  • Sebastian Smythe

If you need longer to get an application in or would like us to wait, please send us a message letting us know. Otherwise those roles will be closed for more applications until the reviewing process is over. 

the audition count has been updated (+1/1)

There are a few things that I’m starting to notice that I want to quickly nip in the bud so it doesn’t become an issue that we need to talk to people over. We’re fairly lax admins and we don’t really like to demand too many things, but we do have rules that we expect to be followed.

This is a group roleplay, not a 1x1. You should be replying to every single person that starts a conversation with you and not just your ship partner. If you only want to speak to one person, we recommend forming a 1x1 and not being in a group. It’s not fair to people who take time to reply to your starters only to have it ignored. We are a group and expect people to put forth effort into making sure they’re talking to everyone. Conversations do come to an end, but just not replying after one exchange really isn’t making an effort.
If someone makes and effort to reply to your starter, please make sure you acknowledge it and respond. There is nothing worse than feeling ignored and I can’t imagine anyone wants to feel that way in a group. If you post a starter, make sure you actually do replies to it instead of just posting another one. The people who took time to respond aren’t going to want to keep making attempts to speak to you if you’re just going to ignore them. Once again, this is a group and everyone should be making an effort to make people feel included. 
We understand that everyone is busy - school, work, and personal lives will always come first. That doesn’t excuse logging on once every two/three days just to miss the activity checks. If you need to be on hiatus, semi-hiatus, or inconsistent - just let us know. We will accommodate you in any way that we possibly can. The group can only be as active as the members that are in it and we don’t want to see any of you go. We just need to make sure you actually want to be here and you’re not just barely logging on because you feel obligated to. If you want to leave, there will be no hard feelings.

We’ve had a few complaints about things and I do not want anyone in this group to be unhappy. These were the main issues and I just wanted to make this post before I have to go speak to people in private about the issues. I just wanted to make light of it so if you feel like it applies to you, you can take it all into account.

Thank you,



I’ve been a part of thelastaskgroup for almost a year now, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better rp. Everyone there is so kind and wonderful and they make me enjoy logging in everyday. I’ve made so many irreplaceable friendships there and I couldn’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to be apart of such a loving group. Jess and Cara are two of the best admins a person could ask for and I’m so thankful to them for allowing me the chance to be apart of something so wonderful.

Thank you so much to whoever sent this in. We’re so happy with everyone in this group and it wouldn’t have lasted as long without the members that we have. I’m glad that you’re enjoying your time here and hopefully we will be around for a lot longer.


  • Joe & Ryder
  • Santana & Elliott
  • Kitty & Dani
  • Mike & Blaine
  • Sugar & Sam
  • Marley & Jake
  • Puck & Quinn


  • Rachel Berry
  • Tina Cohen Chang
  • Finn Hudson
  • Kurt Hummel
  • Jesse St. James


  • None

Please remember to send your partner at least five anonymous questions a day. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know. The link to the weekly partners can always be located. Please let us know if you are not receiving your questions and we will contact your partner for you.

  • Marley Rose (First Warning)
You have twenty-four hours to return to us (message to the main page or resume posting on the dash) or you will be relieved of your role. After three times you will be removed from the roleplay even if you return on time.

joe hart

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Thank you for your Joe Hart application, Tanya. Welcome to The Last Ask Group! Please make sure you send in your account within twenty-four hours and that both your ask and submit are open and accessible. Thank you again.

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